Bringing the best out of technology for the travel industry.

Befriending Technology

We partner with our clients to provide specialised workflow process automation products using state-of-the-art travel technology and an array of analytical tools.

As a travel and expense management company, TravelSpends offers travel related technology solutions using state-of-the-art travel technology and an array of technology tools.


Along with Tripnomics we offer other technological innovations that make business travel hassle-free.

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Customer Helpdesk on Twitter

TravelSpends has made it easier for Airlines and Airports to be one step closer to their customers. Customers around the world are already using Twitter, so why not meet customers in their preferred domain and give them the information they need, with just a Tweet. TravelSpends has built a unique platform to enable customers get real-time flight schedule information, flight status, airfares and more.

Airfare Audit

My Visa-Track

For Agencies

Processing of a Visa application goes through various levels and checks. Visa-Track is an on-cloud visa content and process management software, available on a web-based platform. Travel companies can track and manage their customer life-cycle for visa management with valuable data in terms of service levels, visibility and transparency of the visa application status along with strong invoicing and reporting capabilities.

Trip Authorisation Tool

Trip Authorisation Tool

For Organisations

Every time your employees travel on business related needs, all travel details right from the requisitioning procedure, approval process and travel itinerary to finally closing the loop after travel, every part of the data is captured and stored. This makes it easier to generate reports to check for accuracy, authenticity and even unauthorized submissions. This leaves no room for error or misinformation.