Insights hidden within your data hold the key to the perfect customisation and optimisation of business travel costs.

Tripnomics powered by TravelSpends

Real-time capture and analysis of data helps optimise travel costs for corporate clients to create solutions that result in transactions at effective price points. Using an unbiased approach, Tripnomics brings in transparency between procurement of fares from multiple suppliers and its usage in business travel.

Benefits of Tripnomics

Along with Tripnomics we offer other technological innovations that make business travel hassle-free.

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Real-time Validation

Travel prices change dynamically, sometimes even by the hour. Therefore, real-time monitoring becomes vital for business travel.

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Complete Control

Exercise strict control over your business-travel costs by keeping a close watch over spends and buying behaviour.

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Detailed Insights

Insights are collated from data that is captured real-time from multiple websites, apps and travel services to devise a cost-effective travel plan.

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In-depth Analysis

On-surface analysis is like the tip of an iceberg. Diving deeper into data provides detailed insights that can help optimise business travel costs.

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Industry Intelligence

Changes, updates and new regulations – Tripnomics is up-to-speed with all the dynamics of the business travel domain.

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Decision Support

Data serving as key guiding points in making decisions on preferred airline, employee travel policy, etc.

How Tripnomics works


HRMS - Human Resouce Management System, GDS - Global Distribution System, PCC - Pseudo City Code, NP - Note Pad, RM - Remarks, SBT - Self Booking Tool, TS - TravelSpends

Travel request raised

Email, HRMS, SBT

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PNR created/ticketed

Online/offline fulfilment

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TMC PNR queue placement


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Up Arrow

Emulation Access Bridged PCC/OID

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Up Arrow

TS queue read/retrieval


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Down Arrow

TS response

Queue back RM/NP

TS review & analytics


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Reporting to enterprise


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