When organisations book flights for their employees it’s not a question of just one or two tickets a month. The requirement revolves around booking bulk fares, making travel arrangements at the drop of a hat or worse, postponing or cancelling them in much the same way. Under these circumstances it becomes increasingly relevant to uncover hidden complexities associated with terms like dynamic pricing options, interline and codeshare pricing etc.

Why is an Airfare Audit important?

Whether companies have a travel policy in place or handover their day-to-day travel arrangements to a third party agency, it is incredibly important to keep a check on the expenditure. An airfare audit can, at the end of the day or year, help you realize if your organisation has made the optimum use of its travel budget & taken advantage of all the deals, discounts and redemptions available to you as a corporate client.

Why do you require an Airfare Audit?

Airfare analytics will systematically review all decisions taken towards corporate travel arrangements. It will delve into travel records, reimbursements, cancellations and help you uncover hidden insights about your travel bookings. This makes it possible for your company to choose the best travel partners, improve your travel policy and take better decisions going forward for your organisation.

How can businesses decide on the best fare for their requirement?

There are innumerable aspects that determine the cost of an airline ticket. Seat availability, high demand, cheaper dates to book & fly and even cheaper destinations; these factors can be taken into account when planning conferences or booking tickets in bulk to fly your teams in and out of destinations. By merging technology with human expertise your organisation can get the best fares for your needs.

Who can help with Airfare Audit?

With the technological tools at its disposal, TravelSpends can make it possible for your company to extract every bit of advantage from each rupee spent from your travel budget. One of TravelSpends’ customers, an international Fortune 500 FMCG leader, was able to optimize its travel by 8% in 4 key markets across geographies.

Backed by TravelSpends expertise, organisations can have a solution in place to ensure that travel bookings have been done at the best possible rates.

How does TravelSpends do it?

The process for airfare audit is easy and can work out to be advantageous once put in place.

  • TravelSpends will start by analysing current travel arrangements and booking patterns using data sourced directly from your organisation as well as from travel partners.
  • A detailed report will be generated based on the study of this data.
  • Tripnomics, an exclusively created technological tool, will be put in-place that captures and analyses data real-time to ensure future transactions are made at the fairest of price points.

With TravelSpends technology at your disposal, organisations can rest assured that an airfare audit will be capable of saving a major chunk of your travel budget.

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