Understanding our Travel Technology Services

TravelSpends will help you gain access to cutting edge technology with various tools that focus on your T&E program. We have gathered a number of tools and offerings under the technology banner. These tools target the root cause of this whole procedure; understanding where your money is being spent in the T&E program and breaking it up into the right modules. This information is then used to prepare a plan that will work towards providing a successful and customized cost saving application for your needs.

Tools & Applications Provided by TravelSpends

All the tools and applications provided by TravelSpends are provided on subscription basis or an annual fee based model. By understanding your unique needs, Travel Spends will customize these tools to match your specific needs and even help you integrate it with your accounting or any other business software. As always, the objective of our tools is to help you optimize and save. When you save, we earn!

  • Twitter Customer Helpdesk Tool

    TravelSpends has made it easier for Airlines and Airports to be one step closer to their customers. Customers around the world are already using Twitter, so why not meet customers in their preferred domain and give them the information they need, with just a Tweet. TravelSpends has built a unique platform to enable customers get real-time flight schedule information, flight status, airfares and more.

  • SLA Tracking Tool - Email Track

    Defining all the parameters of deliverables expected from travel partners / suppliers is immensely useful in obtaining the best of facilities and services for your employees. Reiterating these expectations in the form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and tracking every request that is made, can become an easy task with our technology solutions of E-Mail Track.

  • Custom Trip Approval Tool (CTAT)

    Every time your employees travel on business related needs, all travel details right from the requisitioning procedure, approval process and travel itinerary to finally closing the loop after travel, every part of the data is captured and stored. This makes it easier to generate reports to check for accuracy, authenticity and even unauthorized submissions. This leaves no room for error or misinformation.

  • MICE Event Manager

    The MICE business is on a growth stage and corporate houses from emerging economies will be the biggest contributors. The MICE event manager developed by TravelSpends will provide corporates with a communication tool customized to individual events, thereby reducing a huge amount of related logistics, printing and other stationery costs.

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