The Need for Travel Consulting

Does your company have the time or the specialized resources to audit past travel documents? Is it easy to determine the best suppliers and services that meet your overall business goals, in between hectic work schedules and business development? Travel and Entertainment is the largest controllable direct expense head and TravelSpends will help you determine the best options to take, for exemplary T&E benchmarking and real savings opportunities.

Your corporate travel data has huge implications and is a potential source of savings for you. It reveals your past travel behavior, your preferred suppliers, airlines, agencies, car rentals, hotels and much more. Most likely your corporation does not have the resources, manpower or the time necessary to assimilate this information and correlate as well as decode relationships in it.

Our Travel Consulting Offerings

With TravelSpends as your partner in travel consulting and advisory, you will be in the perfect position to analyze this data and use it to negotiate and plan your complete future travel.

  • Best Fare Advantages

    With our professional consultants acting as advisors for your company, you will be able to procure the best fares based on past travel behaviors in conjunction with your travel fulfillment partner.

  • Benchmarking Contracts & Travel Expenses

    An Airline Contract Benchmarking exercise can be very rewarding. Every corporate has a separate budget level for employee profiles. TravelSpends can review your existing contracts, current city, country and international spends and help set up the ideal number during contract formulations. Your internal teams will certainly gain, with domain experts advising on critical issues.

  • Establishing Patterns

    Once a pattern is established between your corporate travel and the areas where there is a huge potential for savings, your corporation will be in a much better position to examine regular airline offerings and promotions. Take Control, Take advantage of every such offer in every sector your corporate travel extends to.

Just as your corporate data is of immense importance; vital enough to be protected in every form, so is your travel data as well. This cache of information is the key to determining the savings you can seize for your company. The savings generated by using TravelSpends advisory services can be a potential business tool for future investments.

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