The Audit Process

By matching various contracts (air, rail, road, hotel, car and even travel agency) with the actual deliverables from individual suppliers, an effective audit of the process can be undertaken. This diagnostic phase will help identify gaps in the system and put in a tracking mechanism to reconcile expenses and even refunds credited across payment cycles. Even with an automated expense management system you will need to control duplicate expenses, mismatch of quoted fares and irregularity in the policy driven rates. Once the audit is done, our team will be able to improve compliance with unique travel related policies using various TravelSpends tools.

By helping you benchmark your travel expenses, we can get you the best benefits on every Rupee / Dollar you spend annually. Once you understand that there is a drastic scope of improvement in the way your corporate travel budget has been structured, you will be able to negotiate better deals with your travel partner and all concerned suppliers.

Most importantly when this audit is done by consultants who have been in the aviation and travel domain for a collective period of 40 years, you can be sure that you will only gain by this association.

TravelSpends to the Rescue!

Travel Audit is an offering from TravelSpends, focused on understanding our corporate customer's travel behavior and then using it to provide solutions that will have employees travelling better and at effective price points. Using our neutral auditing process, TravelSpends will be able to bring in transparency between procurement of fares from multiple suppliers and its usage in corporate travel thereby presenting you with major saving opportunities, as you plan your annual travel budget.

The quality and quantity of your company’s travel patterns will determine the savings you can expect. The truth is that you do have options when you make travel arrangements, many of which you are unaware of.

TravelSpends will use the various resources at their disposal in this auditing process, in order to give you some key advantages in the areas of:

  • Airfare audit
  • GDS audit & BSP audit
  • Car rental audit
  • Tax, rebates & savings
  • Travel claims and settlements audit
  • TMC contract audit
  • Hotel audit
  • Travel bills audit
  • Financial pay back audit

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