The Need for Travel Analytics

The fundamentals of ‘Big Data’ will help you understand that your corporate database itself can be used to interpret travel patterns and access the ability to bring down costs. Travel analytics is the tool to help your corporate team save on all your business travel costs from requisition to actual fulfillment.

TravelSpends consultants have the expertise, ability and the tools necessary to ‘slice, dice and mine’ it, breaking it up into smaller bits and making it easier to capture moving trends.

TravelSpends Approach to "Big Data" and Analytics

While TravelSpends offers you innovative insights to create myriad agreements that are cost saving, it will also offer you the connected techniques of interpreting your ‘Big Data’ through all the right applications and their novel implementation, all developed in-house for your exclusive needs.

The dynamic travel environment will offer you varying degrees of fare levels and our tools will provide you in-depth analysis based on the below points.

  • Preferred contracts vs Market fares
  • Corporate fares vs Market fares
  • Advance purchase travel requisitions vs Booked data
  • Preferred airline sales vs Overall airline mix
  • Car rental opportunities
  • Average ticket price (ATP) and city pair analysis (CPA)

These values will be benchmarked against industry trends further proofing it for better savings. There will be instances where corporations will need to fix up travel itineraries and take into consideration ticket change requests by employees before freezing on the final ticket. Travel Analytics will support your endeavors for savings with the power of data.

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