When You Need Savings, You Need Experts.

Read on to know why you need to audit your travel expenses and how we can help.

Regular specialized auditing can make a huge difference in the way you spend on your T&E (travel & entertainment). We will help ensure that you have highly effective contracts, right partners and the technology to arrive at optimal T&E spends.

With comprehensive tools like Tripnomics, this combination will give you the best cost-per-trip data for an assured, verified and economical cost plan. It is also in our interest after all, because Your Savings is our Business.

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Why Choose TravelSpends?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your travel audit.

Today, travel and entertainment (T&E) stands as the single largest controllable direct expense for any organization. Being able to optimize this segment of your expenses will not only ease your bottom line but also provide you with a competitive edge in the market.

TravelSpends was conceived to support corporates in this endeavor. We partner with our corporate customers and provide specialized services in the sectors of travel audit and consulting using state-of-the-art travel technology and an array of analytical tools to provide economic value.

We are founded by experienced professionals who held senior management positions in the travel and aviation domain. When you need savings, you need experts and we have the expertise to take over as your real-time travel audit partner.

We Also Offer The Following Services

As domain experts in travel and aviation, we also offer the following.

  • Travel Analytics

    Getting to grips with travel data and analytics is a challenge and opportunity for organisations right now. Our analytics solutions will help capture your corporate travel behaviour through statistics and analysis, presenting it in the form of custom-made dashboards. This persuasive information can be utilized for evolved negotiations and to draft effective supplier agreements.

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  • Travel Technology

    Corporate customers can take advantage of our technology tools and solutions for automation of Trip Approval Management, SLA Tracking & TAT audits. Benefit from our expertise in the travel domain for designing specialized analytical tools for audit, travel technology apps & social media integration (specific to the travel & aviation domain) for better customer experience.

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  • Aviation Consulting

    Commercial aviation is a complex and dynamic business. An airline faces unique challenges, so does an airport and ancillary services. The competition is on a larger scale where standards have to conform to exacting international standards. TravelSpends is backed by professionals with decades of experience who understand the aviation business and can contribute effectively.

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  • Travel Consulting

    Our travel consulting & advisory services help you effectively manage your T&E (travel & entertainment) costs, which is the largest controllable direct expense of your company. We will assist you in structuring contracts & SLAs with your suppliers, in accordance with changing market conditions & pricing adjustments, eventually resulting in sizeable savings in your favor.

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